Friday, September 3, 2010

My First Day of Blogging: Drugstore Beauty

Hello, my name is Sherry, 
and I am a 
Drug Store Beauty Whore. 

(No, this is not a twelve step program, but I do hear some applause). 

If you are like me, you read magazines such as ALLURE or ELLE and other articles, drool over Sephora catalogs, cruise web sites for reviews, and everything else you can possibly get your hands on about beauty products and makeup, as well as tricks and hints about their application.

Do you cruise department store cosmetic counters, trying this color and that, smelling this and that fragrance, and come out looking and smelling very "colorful" ?  Do you sometimes, often or always buy the products that you try or the samples that you are given?

Inevitably, I break down and buy too many products, and usually spend way over my budget.
I do believe that many of these products are well worth what we pay, but there ARE often drugstore formulas and colors that can or do work equally well.

To that end, I propose that if we collaborate, and review the products that we buy, as well as their drug store counterparts, we will be able to save SOME of our hard earned cash.

I know that there are many of you, my friends and fellow addicts, out there who will be contributing a myriad of suggestions of products for all to try, and this is the place to come and  to do exactly that.

I will always welcome guest posters, and/or any and all opinions on any products that we discuss, if you have tried them.

Au revoir for now, but I hope that I will be hearing from you soon!

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  1. Can you please try mascara for oily skin? I HATE my raccoon eyes!